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19 year-old, Atlanta, Georgia native, Peachy!, began making music as a child; taking inspiration from all the different styles of art he witnessed around him. As his interest grew, Peachy! gathered inspiration from all over. He found inspiration listening to bands his parents showed him like Queen, Blondie, and Styx. As he got older he took guitar lessons and eventually began writing songs. These lessons were the kindling needed to set aflame a deeper love and passion for all things music. Always eager to learn more, Peachy! taught himself to play piano, bass guitar, and even ukulele. When he was fourteen years old he discovered instrumentalists Birocratic and through SoundCloud, and was inspired to begin producing music under multiple monikers until he came about with the name Peachy!. When Peachy! began releasing music, he focused on instrumentals. As he grew and found confidence in his sound, he would make his vocal debut with "Drown With You" featuring Ward Wills. After graduation, the Atlanta native began to further explore his other passion, traveling by visiting new countries and creating lasting memories and friendships. By the summer of 2019 Peachy's musical catalog would amass over 60 million streams, and he was ready for change, and ready to release a new project.  


It wasn't long until Peachy was drawn to the energy and cultural aspects of different European and Asian countries enough to make a permanent move. He recently chose to take up residence in Helsinki, Finland where he currently lives while gearing up for the release of his debut album as a vocalist, "We Make Characters That Look Like Us To Make Us Feel Less Alone". Peachy!'s newest project will feature a bit of everything the multi-skilled artist has to offer. There are tracks that will have listeners moving like the upbeat single, "Attention (Rakastan Sinua)", that features hip-hop and electronic type energy. Then a few tracks later the listener is embraced by the warmth of a mellow indie rock anthem like "No Room For A Nihilist in Hollywood". "We Make Characters That Look Like Us To Make Us Feel Less Alone", is an album of growth for Peachy! that he hopes can serve as a means to inspire fans by allowing them to see that although growth and change can be intimidating at times, they can also be the first steps to something beautiful.



***As a high school senior, one of the things Peachy! began to take notice and interest in was the movement to save our planet. Ultimately it is up to us, those who inhabit the planet to do our part to save it! Our team loves and supports everything the Marine Conservation Institute is doing to clean up the Ocean, and to show this support Peachy! will be donating 10% of his streams from, "We Make Characters That Look Like Us To Make Us Feel Less Alone" for the first six months to their organization. We encourage others to learn more about how they can help by reading more here Marine Conservation Institute.

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