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Atlanta native, Peachy! began making music as a child starting at 8-years-old when he picked up his first instrument: the electric guitar. From there, he taught himself to play piano, bass guitar, and ukulele by the age of 14. When Peachy! began releasing music in 2016, he focused on instrumental hip hop, inspired by his peers in Atlanta's underground hip-hop scene. He made his vocal debut with Ward Wills on the dark synth-pop single, "Drown with You" in 2018. By summer 2019, Peachy's music catalog amassed over 60 million streams. His first track to make it big was "Falling For U," featuring mxmtoon, created when Peachy! was between the ages of 15 and 16, and has since earned an RIAA Gold Record.

During high school, Peachy! began learning multiple languages to gain exposure to the world's many cultures. He currently studies and practices five languages nearly every day (English, Korean, French, Polish, and Finnish). This fascination with languages began to leak into his music, paving the way for singles such as "Attention (Rakastan Sinua)" released in 2019, and "Pop Star 팝스타" in 2020.

After graduating high school in the Summer of 2019, Peachy! rid himself of most material belongings and lived as a nomad and minimalist while traveling the globe. He visited 11 different countries while creating his debut album as a vocalist: We Make Characters That Look Like Us To Make Us Feel Less Alone. Now living in New York City, Peachy! is currently working towards his first bilingual album, with tracks in both English and Korean.

Photo by Marina Elise

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